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How e-z Cert Works
Find out how you can get your certificate of origin online using e-z Cert.
How e-z Cert works for certificates of origin
User Registration and Company Accounts

Register as a new user on e-z Cert Canada, this will provide you with a login into the e-z Cert Canada site.

After you have logged into e-z Cert Canada with your new user log in, you will be re-directed to the company account setup page where you have the option to create a new company account. This will register your company to use the e-z Cert service and enable you to apply for certificates of origin online, and also get other documents certified.

If you are a freight forwarder or work for multiple companies, you can create as many e-z Cert company accounts as you want by accessing the 'New Account Setup' page.

You can also create e-z Cert accounts with more than one chamber, the choice is yours.

Once you have setup a new e-z Cert company account you will be automatically redirected to the 'My e-z Cert' page.

In order to have documents certified by your chosen chamber of commerce, you are required to have a signed 'Letter of Waiver Agreement' in place, you can't start a new e-z Cert application for certified documents until this agreement has been completed to the satisfaction of your chosen chamber of commerce and the chamber have authorised your account.

There is a link in the e-z Cert tool where you can download the required documents. These must be completed fully and returned to the contact at your chosen chamber of commerce.

If you already have a letter of waiver agreement in place with your chamber then the chamber will confirm this and enable your e-z Cert company account.

After your e-z Cert company account has been enabled you will be able to start an application for certified documents.

New Certificate Application

You must access the e-z Cert service in order to apply for certified documents or to obtain a certificate of origin.

When you log in to e-z Cert Canada you will be automatically redirected to your chosen chamber of commerce 'Home Page', from this page you can access the e-z Cert service and start applying for your certificates online, look for the 'Start New Application' box and click the red 'sign-in' button.

What Documents Can I Apply For?
Using the e-z Cert service you can apply for the following documents;

  • Certificate of Origin - Certify the country of origin for your products
  • Upload Any Document - Get signatures verified by your chamber of commerce on any document

When you have accessed the e-z Cert service you will notice a new screen which is the secure home of all of your past and present applications, you also have the option to create a 'New Application'. By clicking this option you can choose which documents to apply online for, upload evidence documents and select all relevant options.

Make sure you read the help text as this will guide you through the process and help to make sure your application is completed correctly.

On the document page you will need to enter all of your export details, the required data is displayed on the right hand side of the page and you must make sure there aren't any crosses showing. If you see any crosses then you can click them and you will be taken to the required field.

When you are happy with your application details you can go to the 'Submit Application' tab and enter the final details before clicking the submit button.

When you click the submit button your data will be validated, so check for any validation error messages. If everything is fine with your application the 'Submit' link will disappear and your requested details will be sent to your Chamber of Commerce for stamping and final completion.

The Chamber of Commerce will validate your application for a certificate of origin or other certified documents and they will then stamp and sign the documents and return them to you.

Standard Applications
Due to country restrictions these applications need to be stamped and signed manually so the Chamber of Commerce will print your details at the chamber and return the completed documents to you via the agreed method.

Express Applications
These application can be electronically stamped and signed which means the documents will be returned to you via email and the e-z Cert system within minutes of processing. You will then be able to print the documents via your PC and your own printer.